Retain Your Youthful Glow with Activated Charcoal Soap

Activated Charcoal Soap

Did you ever think that coal will be proven beneficial for skin and hair treatment? Well, as per research, charcoal has a wide range of benefits that people are still oblivious of. Its use is prevalent even in the modern day. In fact, its use dates back to ancient times when women were using charcoalfor maintaining a glowing skin. Charcoal Bar Soap is even put in widespread even today owing to its multiple benefits for the skin. Though it may not sound like something to apply on the body, its benefits are plenty. So, let’s check out its various beauty and personal care benefits.

Activated Charcoal

Activated Charcoal is not a modern ingredient and has been used for various purposes since time immemorial. From its application in gas masks of soldiers during World War I to the purification of water, its uses are many. In fact, it still aids in cleansing water by eliminating the impurities and making it odourless. Even, activated charcoal products have numerous medicinal and personal care uses.

The Making Process

Heating regular charcoal till it turns into gas results in activated charcoal. Excess heat causes it to expand thereby turning the surface porous. Thus, its ability increases in absorbing toxins and impurities much faster.

Benefits of Activated Charcoal Bar Soap

It helps control acne

Our skin comprises pores which get clogged on exposure to the routine environment. This thereby causes impurities, oil, and other toxins to penetrate into it. Blocking of pores leads to acne which takes away the glow of your skin. Applying charcoal products like Charcoal Bar Soap aids in absorbing the toxins and bacteria. It removes the detritus on the skin and help in getting rid of the acne. In addition, it penetrates deeper into the skin thereby removing all the harmful chemicals therein.

Reduces the size of skin pores

Our face and skin continuously come in contact with pollutants in the air.  Throughout the day, toxins and impurities settle on our skin. As the toxins goes on settling, it tends to enlarge the pores further making it visible. Activated Charcoal binds itself to the dirt and toxins on the skin and reduces its size further. Washing your face at least twice a day with Charcoal Bar Soap will give an ever-glowing skin.

Removes dead skin cells

Using charcoal products like Charcoal Bar soap aids in extracting dead skin cells from our body. In addition, its antimicrobial and antibacterial properties help in preventing any further skin infections.