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Immunity Booster - 60 effervescent tablets

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✔ Prevents Cold
✔ Protects Body From Viruses
✔ Boosts Immunity
✔ Enhance Brain Functioning
✔ Makes Skin Glow

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Trycone Immunity Booster Tablets -are formulated with Natural Vitamin C 1000 mg derived from citrus fruits like Amla, Orange and Lemons and Zinc 12 mg. This formula helps you to maintain your immunity balance in today’s busy life where everyone is not able to maintain a balanced nutritional life. This one tablet is sufficient to fulfill your daily Vitamin C and Zinc requirement. That makes you feel fresh, healthy and energetic. It comes in an effervescent tablet form which easily gets dissolves in water and it has a tangy orange flavor which makes it easy to consume. Vitamin C is a powerful antioxidant when combined with Zinc helps to strengthen body’s natural defenses and fights against infections. Antioxidant makes your skin glow as it improves the formation of Collagen, helps tissue repairing and prevents your body cells from oxidative damage. It helps in enhancing Brain functioning, maintaining healthy bones, nails, skin, hair and strong blood vessels.

QUALITY PRODUCT- It is made of Natural Vitamin C 1000 mg derived from citrus fruits like Amla, Orange, etc and Zinc 12 mg, which makes it a complete immunity booster. With Premium Ingredients, 100% Vegan, Sugar Free and No Artificial Colours.

VITAMIN C – Vitamin C supplements acts as a powerful Antioxidant that helps strengthen body defence system that keeps you protected from infections and diseases like common cold, influenza. It also gives you glowing skin as it improves collagen production.

ZINC – Zinc is a mineral that helps our immune system functions well so that our body can fight risk of all types of infections and diseases.

POWER OF EFFERSVENCE – Effervescence tablets act faster, an easy supplement of nutrition values, it’s gentle on the stomach and comes with Stabilizing technology.

USAGE – Easy to use (Recommended - 1 Tablet per day), Unisex, Made in India.

  1. Drop one tablet in 250ml of water.
  2. Wait till the tablet dissolves completely.
  3. Drink and boost your immunity.
  4. Recommended Usage- 1 Tablet per Day.