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Niacinamide Face Serum- 30 ml

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✔ Reduce Melanin production
✔ Lightens Hyperpigmentation
✔ Reduce Dark Spots and Age Spots
✔ Skin Whitening
✔ Gives Healthy & Glowing Skin

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Trycone Niacinamide Face Serum – This skin care is formulated with 10% Niacinamide, 2% Alfa Arbutin and 1% Zinc PCA, enriched with Natural Probiotic Actives and Turmeric, Licorice, Mulberry, Walnut, Orange, Yogurt, Cucumber Extracts which helps to lighten hyper pigmentation, dark spots, age spots and whitens the skin. This combination of Science and Nature helps to moisturize the skin, lightens the skin by reducing melanin synthesis and it is a potent anti-oxidant which fights free radical scavenging. Thus, gives you a clean, healthy and glowing skin. Thus, gives you a clear, healthy and glowing skin.

CLEAN BEAUTY – This product has No Artificial Color or Fragrance and is free from all harmful Silicones, Parabens, Minerals and Sulphates. Its Non- Comedogenic and Hypoallergenic in nature.

REDUCE PIGMENTATION – 10% Niacinamide and Orange Extract helps to reduce inflammation and hyperpigmentation, smooth your overall skin texture, and brighten your skin.

REMOVE DARK SPOTS– 2% Alfa Arbutin and Mulberry Extract penetrates deeply in skin layer & reduces the production of melanin which naturally clears off the dark spots, blemishes and even out your skin tone.

SKIN WHITENING - 1% Zinc PCA inhibits proliferation of “C. acnes”, the bacterium responsible for acnes and skin blemishes. Natural Probiotic Actives and Turmeric Extract helps to moisturize the skin, lightens the skin by reducing melanin synthesis thus helps in Skin Lightening and Whitening.

USAGE – Easy to use, for all skin types, No Side effects, Unisex (Made in India)

Niacinamide – Niacinamide is a form of vitamin B-3, an essential nutrient which helps in reducing melanin production which results in lightening of dark spots, blemishes and hyperpigmentation. It also controls the sebum production, acne and gives you an even skin tone.

Alfa Arbutin – Alfa Arbutin penetrates deeply in skin layer & reduces the production of melanin that controls the dark spots, blemishes and hyperpigmentation. It also reduces the appearance of sun spots and discolored patches. This evens and brightens your complexion, making your skin look healthier and vibrant.

Zinc PCA – Zinc PCA has antibacterial properties and actively decreases inflammation. It controls acne, skin blemishes and reduces the secretion of sebum by oily skin, and helps in retaining the skin humidity.

Natural Probiotic Actives - Natural Probiotic Actives helps to reinforce skin barriers which keep skin hydrated for a long time. It also reduces acne outbreaks; manage dry skin and battles skin ageing.

Licorice Extract – Licorice extract has anti- inflammatory properties and also remove excess melanin production from skin. So it helps to reduce dark spots, pigmentation, soothes irritated skin and gives you even skin tone.

  1. Cleanse your face with face wash, pat dry.
  2. Take 3-4 drops of serum, apply on face and neck.
  3. Use twice daily for healthy and glowing skin.
Manufactured By - Calistta Healthcare, Changodar, Ahmedabad
Marketed By - Trycone India Limited, Bodakdev, Ahmedabad
Best Before -24 Months
Net Volume -30ml
Country of Origin -India

Store in a cool & dry place. Keep out of reach of children. Avoid contact with eyes. In case of contact flush with water immediately. Patch test recommended. For external use only.

Skin-friendly and Quality test

Each product is tested carefully in laboratory for 8 weeks. Strict standards are followed for testing making it completely safe to use

Healthy Glowing skin - Suitable for all skin types

Vitamin C and Vitamin E boosts natural collagen production responsible for anti-aging. Glycolic acid clogs pores to reduce fine lines and wrinkles. Sunflower oil prevents damage from UV to give you an even skin tone.


Our products are formulated with both Scientific and Natural ingredients. And does not contain any harmful chemicals.

All the orders will be processed within 2 days and will reach the customer in 5-7 days time. Return policy is mentioned in the website.

All the products are tried and tested and does not have any side effects. Still we recommend patch test before using any products.

Results may vary from person to person as everybody has unique skin and hair type. Still to see result of any product you need to use it regularly for at least 15-20 days.

It helps to lighten hyper pigmentation, dark spots, age spots and whitens the skin.