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What causes cracked heels? The best ways to heal your cracked heels.

What causes cracked heels? The best ways to heal your cracked heels.

Do you ever wonder what causes cracked heels? When it comes to taking care of the skin, most people mainly focus on the face, neck, and hands. Many people do not focus on the legs or the feet. While the feet are being left unattended, people do things that might even cause more damage to the feet and cause crack heels. Most don’t take this problem seriously, but if your heels are left unattended, it can cause some serious problems like skin infection, dryness, and cause severe pain. Many factors might cause cracked heels. Let’s take a look at what causes cracked heels on feet? 


Standing for hours and walking for a long time:

A lot of people work at jobs that require standing for hours and being on their feet all day. If you stand for a long time or walk around without giving your feet a proper rest, you might end up with cracked heels. If the feet are not taken care of properly and forced to work, they are prone to getting problems like cracked heels.

When you take a step, the entire weight of your body rests on your heel first. You should always take care of your feet and give them a break. Feet should not be overworked, or else they will get so uneasy that it will be very difficult for you to even stand up. You should moisturize your feet daily.

Wearing shoes or footwear that doesn’t fit properly:

It is not worth it to wear that shoe or sandal that you love so dearly if your feet doesn’t fit the shoes. Even though you still can pull it off by forcefully stuffing your feet in them, it will only cause you harm. If you don’t wear the proper size of footwear, it will damage your feet badly. Always wear proper footwear to prevent cracked heels.

Using soaps, moisturizing and other cosmetic products that don’t suit your skin:

There are tons of soaps and skincare products out there. People most of the time just pick up what they see others using or what their favourite celebrities are endorsing, but are those suitable for your skin type? Everyone has different skin. Everyone’s features and problems are different. You must always be very cautious while choosing a product that you will apply to your skin. If what you use doesn’t suit you, it can cause many kinds of skin problems like cracked heels. 

There are many other factors like:

  • Not moisturizing your feet regularly.
  • Sudden change in the climate.
  • Taking a long, hot shower.
  • Medical reasons.

The best way to heal your cracked heels:

The best way to repair your cracked heels is using a foot cream. Trycone Cracked Heel Repair Foot Cream is the best foot cream for cracked heels. This foot cream is made from rose petal extract, rose oil, urea, and kokum butter. Rose oil helps to tighten pores and restore suppleness. Urea deals with dry, itchy skin and helps your feet stay healthy and hydrated. Kokum butter helps heal dryness and cracked skin. It makes the skin soft with its essential fatty acids. Kokum butter also helps the most while dealing with cracked heels. It promotes elasticity.

Trycone cracked heel repair cream takes care of your entire feet and not just the heels. It moisturizes the feet and helps with toenail problems too. This foot cream gets rid of all the damage, redness, rashes, and dryness in the feet. Trycone cracked heel repair cream suits all skin types and has no side effects. The anti-fungal, anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory, and antioxidant properties of rose and kokum butter repair dry skin and cracked heels. Rose and kokum butter also give your feet a velvety smooth touch. The skin on your feet becomes much softer and nourished. It creates a thin protective layer over the skin and protects against moisture loss keeping your feet soft and smooth.

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