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Probiotics in skincare: 10 Best Probiotic Skin Care Benefits for healthy skin

Probiotics in skincare: 10 Best Probiotic Skin Care Benefits for healthy skin

While talking about health and fitness, one of the terms we hear everywhere is probiotics, but did you know it could be a big player in taking care of your skin? We already know that probiotics are good for our health. But are they good for our skin as well? Can a probiotic skin care routine really work? What are probiotic skin care benefits? We knew these questions would arise when you hear PROBIOTICS! We have all the answers. It is of no surprise that probiotics are about to become a regular fixture in our daily routine. By the end of this blog, you will know the probiotic skin care benefits. 


Probiotics are bacteria. Yes, we know hearing the word bacteria could sound scary. There are trillions of good and bad bacterias along with various fungi, viruses, and a crew of other microorganisms living on and in our bodies. Collectively they are all known as the microbiome. Different parts of our body have their microbiome. The microbiome keeps a healthy balance for us to be fit. Another name for good bacteria is probiotics. They promote a healthy immune system. Probiotics also help us control inflammation and absorb nutrients. In short, probiotics make sure we are healthy. 


A face wash removes the dirt particles from your skin and cleanses it thoroughly. Thus, a face wash is the first step of any skin care routine. It makes your skin smooth and supple. Having a good face wash is a must because it also protects your skin from any further damages. The face wash is a basic yet the most needed product for your skin. Using a good face wash that suits your skin type becomes mandatory if you want healthier skin. This face wash gives you desirable results.

Trycone has understood the importance of probiotics for your skin and has developed a perfect face wash. This Probiotic face wash contains the goodness of hyaluronic acid, lactic acid, witch hazel, lavender oil, and calendula extract. 

Hyaluronic acid is a humectant that holds water into the pores and keeps your face moisturized longer. It hydrates the outermost layer of the skin and makes it look radiant and youthful. Hyaluronic acid improves the overall appearance of the skin. It is one of the most crucial ingredients of Trycone probiotic face wash. 

Lactic acid treats signs of ageing, hyperpigmentation. It deals with all the other factors that contribute to a dull or uneven complexion. It improves the tone of your skin and reduces the appearance of pores. Lactic acid also promotes the production of cells and eliminates all the dead skin cells. It makes sure your skin is healthy and feels fresh all the time. 

Witch hazel helps ease irritation and inflammation of the skin. It helps in boosting the healing process. Witch hazel also shrinks down the pores. Its anti-inflammation properties help in preventing the formation of acne on the face. It is best for dealing with spots and blemishes. 

Lavender oil benefits the skin in dealing with problems like fine lines, wrinkles, and acne. It lightens the skin and has numerous ways to help and improve the skin’s health. 

Calendula extract is the main component when it comes to the healing of the skin. It has antifungal and antibacterial properties that help in soothing eczema, healing wounds, and making rashes disappear.

The hyaluronic acid and lactic acid keeps your skin moisturized for a long time and makes it plumpy. It also reduces the signs of ageing. The calendula oil and lavender oil have antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties that reduce acne and post-acne scars. They also help rejuvenate skin cells and make skin glow. This face wash is packed with the advantages of probiotics. Thus, it gives your face all the nutrients it requires. 


Before using the Trycone probiotic face wash, you should wash your face with lukewarm water. Apply the face wash all over your face and gently massage it in an upward circular motion for a minute or two. Then wash the face wash off properly from your face.

Enjoy the glowing and beautiful results of Trycone probiotic face wash. To get the most out of the face wash, you must apply it twice a day. Once in the morning after you take a shower and then at night before you go to bed. Let the probiotics protect your face the entire day, and work on making it healthy overnight.


There are various benefits of probiotics for your skin.

  1. Probiotics show a soothing effect on the inflammation of the skin.
  2. Prevents the formation of acne.
  3. Probiotics have a calming effect on the skin.
  4. They also act as a skin barrier and protect the skin from harmful pollutants and bad bacteria.
  5. They fight off all the dangerous skin diseases, viruses, and infections.
  6. Probiotics keep your skin hydrated.
  7. They also help in delaying the signs of ageing, formation of fine lines and wrinkles.
  8. Probiotics tighten the pores.
  9. They contain exfoliating properties that hydrate the skin and improve its tone.
  10. Probiotics are your best friends to get rid of dull and dry skin.
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