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7 Best Hair Care Tips for Healthy Hair

7 Best Hair Care Tips for Healthy Hair

Who does not want healthy hair that is strong, silky, and lively? The little things that you do on a day-to-day basis can damage your hair and cause breakage. You should strictly follow a hair care routine and take proper care of your hair as it adds life to your personality. Follow these 7 best hair care tips for healthy hair


1. You should sleep well and use a silk pillowcase

Research says lack of sleep can disturb your cycle, which can result in dry hair and split ends. Your body restores its energy when it gets an adequate amount of sleep. According to National Sleep Foundation guidelines, most adults need a minimum of 7 to 9 hours of sleep every night. You can improve your sleep cycle by sticking to the same sleep routine. 

Tip: Start using silk or a satin pillow cover as it creates less friction. Less friction means less frizziness, and less frizziness means less hair breakage.

2. You should oil and massage your scalp

Massaging your scalp with oil makes the roots strong, releases stress, and reduces tension. It increases the blood circulation towards the hair follicles resulting in healthy hair. Onion hair oil has a high concentration of sulfur which minimizes hair fall. Some of the best hair oils include almond, castor, argan, jojoba, and coconut oil. These ingredients boost hair growth. 

Trycone’s onion hair growth oil is enriched with all these potent ingredients and additionally contains rose oil, shea butter, sunflower oil, bhringraj, extracts of Brahmi, and amla. These ingredients not only promote hair growth but also prevent hair fall and splitting of hair. It also keeps your scalp free from dandruff and other bacteria. Trycone’s onion hair oil prevents premature greying too!

Tip: Warm the onion hair oil slightly before massaging it on your scalp, and use your fingertips to gently massage the warm onion hair oil in your hair.

3. You should cleanse your hair and maintain hair hygiene

Washing your hair at regular intervals cleanses your hair and removes dirt, pollutants, and excess oil. These factors lead to dandruff, itchiness, greasiness, and unwanted odor. While shampooing has so many benefits, one should not forget that shampooing your hair every day may harm your hair by weakening the roots.

Some of the best hair shampoos include herbs such as hibiscus flowers, reetha, and aloe vera. These natural cleansers provide protection from harmful chemicals and their side effects. 

Trycone’s onion shampoo contains natural ingredients like onion extract, vitamin E, argan oil, almond oil, curry leaf extract, aloe vera extract, amla extract, brahmi extract, bhringraj extract, hibiscus extract, methi extract, ginger extract, and reetha extract. Red onion shampoo nourishes the scalp, fastens hair growth, moisturizes the scalp, prevents premature greying, and fights dandruff.

Tip: Wash your hair with red onion shampoo twice to a maximum of thrice a week to cleanse your scalp and hair properly. Also, do not use hot water for hair wash.

4. You should use conditioner on your hair and not your scalp

Conditioners help moisturize and hydrate your hair. While shampoo removes dirt and pollutants from hair, conditioners are used to soften, strengthen and easily manage your hair. Some of the best conditioners contain coconut oil, argan oil, and amla extracts. 

Trycone’s onion conditioner is formulated with ingredients like onion extract, vitamin E, argan oil, jojoba oil, coconut oil, shea butter, and many other softening & nourishing natural extracts like aloe vera extract, amla extract, hibiscus extract, methi extract, neem extract, and glycerin. These ingredients make hair smooth, silky, and shiny and give your hair a frizz-free look. They prevent split ends, thinning of hair, and make your hair stronger. Use the onion conditioner after washing your hair with red onion shampoo.

Tip: Do not apply the conditioner on your scalp as it will dehydrate the scalp which may lead to itchiness, irritation, and dandruff. 

5. You should protect your hair from pollution

If the hair is overexposed to pollution, UV rays, smoke, or other toxins, it may cause dandruff, hair fall, frizzy hair, and an oily or dry scalp. Oiling and washing your hair is not enough. You should protect it from harmful factors like pollution and toxins as well. 

Tip: Cover your hair with a scarf or a cap before stepping out in the sunlight.

6. You should eat healthy

For healthy hair, you should get an adequate amount of biotin from your daily diet. Foods like egg yolks, almonds, peanuts, soya beans, legumes, and mushrooms should be added to your food intake to increase the amount of biotin. Although biotin is present in numerous foods, everyone does not consume enough biotin. In these cases, biotin booster tablets come to your rescue. 

Trycone’s biotin booster thickens your hair. It also has additional benefits. It improves your skin, strengthens your nails, aids in weight loss, and also boosts your immunity.

Tip: Although biotin booster aids in weight loss, it still is not a replacement for your daily exercises. It would be a smart choice to choose these supplements if the amount of biotin you consume is not enough.

7. You should drink enough water

Drink enough water. This is the easiest tip to follow amongst all the other hair care tips for healthy hair. Drinking water helps in almost all your body problems. Our hair shaft consists of at least one-fourth percent of water, just like our body. Drinking water promotes hair growth, keeps your hair hydrated, and prevents many hair problems. 

These hair care tips for healthy hair are no rocket science. You should protect, nourish and take care of your hair if you want stronger, longer, and healthier hair. Follow these simple hair care tips and love your hair!

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