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TRYCONE POWER PRIVATE LIMITED is India’s fastest growing company in LED lighting products segments. We understand people’s lighting needs across full range of market segments. Indoors we offer lighting solutions for homes, shops, offices, schools, hotels and hospitals. Outdoors we offer lighting solutions like street lights, flood lights, etc. Trycone has a wide range of products in LED lightings segments like Bulb, Tube lights, Panel Lights, Down lights, Surface lights, Street lights, Flood lights, etc.

Every LED lights of Trycone meet the international standards and have the advance technology. for consumer Trycone LED products are value for the money there for Trycone is a reliable brand in LED lighting segments.

Our products are not only quality products but are perfect blend of quality and price, All products of Trycone’s are at affordable and attractive prices

We are committed to our valuable customers on following points.

Trycone believe that quality lies in the perception of customer. Our products are reliable and quality tested in the field of LED lighting products segment. Our products meet the international standards and have the advance technology.

Our products are at affordable and attractive prices, for consumer our products are value for the money. Customer’s quest for the right price will end at Trycone.

Trycone has powerful distribution network being a company of retail oriented business company understand the value of service. Company has recruited train, satisfied, motivated, productive employees to render excellent service value to customer.

For exemplary services and dedication for quality Trycone brand has been certified with ISO 9001 – 2008, ROHS, CE, & BIS certification. our success based on four pillar which are four ‘P’s..
Product Right Qualitative Product
Price Right Price
Promotion Effective Promotions
Place Right Placement
With her small contribution in the area of energy saving concept Trycone is always ready to give her best in the progress of Nation.
Our Mission is to provide the best quality product in the field of LED lighting products.
Our vision is to position our Brand on specific attribute.
  • Quality
  • Performance
  • Durability
  • Style
  • Design
  • Safety
  • Economy
  • Prestige

Trycone has vision to create more and more employments also believe to encourage self employment in the country.

“Trycone LED Products are the best solution for Energy Savings”

The success of Trycone is 4 ‘P’ philosophy.

To satisfied customer’s need for efficient and energy saving product. Trycone has developed Highest quality, exclusive, unique and value for money products in LED lighting segment.

Today’s customer is surrounded by “Price” in form of house rent, policy premium, telephone bill, children’s educational fees, fuel price, food prices etc. Price has always influenced the customer, In such a tricky situation Trycone offer a competitive price to satisfy the customer need.

To bring awareness about the LED products in consumer, and help him to purchase a right products in the area of “Energy savings” segments Trycone has the best promotions strategy covering all the aspects of marketing which are…

  • Advertising
  • Sales Promotions
  • Public Relations
  • E – Marketing
  • Sales Force

Trycone understands the importance of effective placement of the products in the market place, to manage this important P (Place) company has keen focus on.

  • Warehousing
  • Inventory Management
  • Transportation & Order Processing

These are the four ‘P’s which leads Trycone on the path of success.

“Anything that tightens your relationships with an existing customer, increases the revenue you get from that customer”

Certificate Of Complience

TRYCONE POWER PRIVATE LIMITED has been assessed by EUROCERT CERTIFICATIONS (UK) LTD. & found to be in conformance with the provisions set forth by the requirement of Directive Low Voltage Directive 2009/95/EC

Certificate Of Conformity

TRYCONE POWER PRIVATE LIMITED has been assessed and registered by EUROCERT CERTIFICATIONS (UK) LTD. and found to be in compliance with the requirements applicable as per Quality Management System conforming: IS0 9001:2008 for the scope of Manufacturing & Supply of LED Lightning Products.