How to estimate the LED panel lighting? | Trycone Group

Evaluation of LED panel light lighting mood and computer graphics savings based concerning speaking current office lighting design standards, including the average illuminance,lluminance uniformity, brightness vertical uniformity are, environmental ratio, facility density and supplementary indicators. Focus concerning the entire office area lighting. There is Led panel lights their own indicators, including well-ventilated effects, well-ventilated, color temperature, color rendering index, roomy failure, energy, input knack, but led panel well-ventilated their be nimble and atmosphere, the two are every second but complex.

According to research the Office of the lighting design criteria and relevant indicators LED panellight their combined analysis of the outcome of the mainstream in 2017 every one of LED open panel efficiency of just about 80-100lm / w, In 2016 mainstream level was roughly 90-110lm / w, union considering the data view has been adept to meet the needs of all levels of road lighting.

According to design standards, following the illumination, power density, keep factors and added indicators, and actual circumstances of offices experience derived value. Mainstream LED panel light ray effect has been fully more than 250w of sodium, indicators or even anew 400w sodium lamp, moving picture-saving rate can reach 50%.

Trycone that led panel roomy as the technology matures, more and more widely applied, these deficiencies are made to declare the resistance is growing. LED panel well-ventilated for the publicity of cartoon-saving effect is obvious, there may be discontinued because of needy lighting mood. Only be a enjoyable lighting effects win devotee further, as a result promoting large-scale application. Therefore, the effect of lighting vibes and simulation-saving led panel well-ventilated off the wings, are sedate, must strike a description in the midst of the two.

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