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It takes time to turn Dreams into Reality. But when our Dreams connect with others’ target, then it takes no time to reach Success. When ordinary people get united, they can achieve exceptional goals. Trycone has an inspiring mission whose central goal is to provide business & employment and growth of individuals.

Mr. Anil Patel, the leader of Trycone group, inspired people to see big dreams and gave opportunities to achieve them.

Trycone is a leading brand having the fastest spreading area of service in multiple niches intending for faster progress of the nation by contributing to market with the concept of energy saving, shopping at ease, industrial and residential property building, the betterment of the farming industry, entertainment, leisure, retailing and electronics and henceforth, facilitate the society. It has a territory of commitments to fulfill with a wide range of specialties in the market. Also, it connects people from Diverse business sectors making Trycone Brand a Landmark illustration.

Vision & Mission

  • Trycone campaign is committed to providing business & employment to more than 1 million people in 3 years by facilitating talented individuals.
  • Making Trycone an icon of Trust and Development rather than a brand name.

“Unity in diversity” is the hallmark of our country. Trycone is a social and economic revolution. Join this revolution and be a part in your and country’s development.


We are committed to our valuable customers on following points.


Trycone believes that quality lies in the perception of customer. Our products are reliable and of tested quality. Our products meet the international standards and have advanced technology.


Our products have affordable and attractive prices. For consumers, our products are value for the money. Customers’ quest for the right price will end at Trycone.


Trycone has a powerful distribution network. Being a company of retail oriented business, we understand the value of service. Company has recruited trained, motivated, and productive employees to render excellent service value to customer.

Awards And Achievements